Integral Coaching works towards vertical development. This means that we strive for long-term, sustainable change, as opposed to working towards one singular goal. The benefits of this work are significant. Integral coaching gives you the tools to handle whatever life may throw at you by offering small ways to change the way you operate in the world. These small changes often lead to larger discoveries within yourself which set you up for success. Much of the work done in integral coaching  happens outside of sessions as part of a personal development plan. In short, Integral Coaching sets  you up for long term success and through smaller sustainable changes.

coaching might be right for you if you are:

  • In a time of transition or interruption  (career changes, job changes, hiring new staff,  hiring new leadership, entrepreneurship, a move, divorce, a death of a loved one, career change, figuring out what is next, or are at a crossroads looking for change)

  • Looking for long term sustainable change in your everyday life

  • Having difficulty finding direction

  • Need an objective person to bounce ideas off of

  • Ready to take a good look at yourself and ask "who am I?" 


  • Expanded capacity to integrate multiple areas of your life

  • Vertical and observable development

  • Tools to continue to develop yourself beyond our coaching relationship

  • A steadiness and sense of ease in life

  • A new narrative to see the world through

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I am an experienced business executive and have found Liza’s coaching insights and approach incredibly helpful. She challenges in a safe way, uses Integral Coaching principles to open new insights, and creates an action-oriented approach that works. Liza is exceptional, and I recommend her anyone seeking ways to get unstuck in their work and lives and to create change.
— - Stuart K., Director, Google.