Liza is a Bay Area based Integral Coach. She has extensive experience as a coach and educator working on board educational sailing vessels. She holds a 100 ton captain's license and is a 200hr registered yoga teacher. Liza's experiences on the ocean are the driving force in her methods for helping others reach their greatest potential. She believes that the ocean has a lot to teach us about the way we exist in the world.

Liza's interests lie in the study of somatic practices, body language, and using challenging environments to create tomorrow's leaders. Her experience working to facilitate team building and leadership skills on board traditional sailing vessels has been her profession and passion for the past 7 years. On the water education programs are designed to be mentally and physically demanding. In these settings, Liza's role has always been to advise, inspire strength, guide, and teach  participants how to handle themselves in a calm way while their physical environment put them to the test. Watching the transformative experiences that her students have is humbling, stunning, and beautiful. Liza seeks to bring the lessons the ocean has taught her to her clients as they discover their own inner waves and how to safely navigate them.