1-1 Coaching


During your complimentary first session we will discuss your coaching topic, goals for coaching sessions, and decide whether or not integral coaching is right for you. Once we have agreed upon the terms of coaching, we move forward to an intake session. During this session I will ask you questions about various areas of your life to understand the world from your point of view. I will then take the information and put it into a few different models to keep an objective prospective on your coaching topic. By session three or four you will be presented with a development plan. Development plan's are where the magic of coaching exists. They give you the tools to exist in a new way and to start to see your true, authentic self. At the end of our coaching agreement, you will have the tools to continue with your personal development autonomously. 

work with me

6 months of introspection

During these 6 months we will meet bi-weekly. This package includes a development plan, 12 sessions, and in-between session email support. 

1 year of magic

Through out the year, each month we will explore different themes pertaining to your coaching topic. This package includes customized monthly coaching topics, a development plan, 24 bi-weekly sessions, and in-between session e-mail support. 

I came to Liza with a luggage of personal problems: anxiety, self trust, courage, and ability to let go. I had trouble dealing with self guilt whenever it involves temporarily leaving my family and friends to pursuit my life goal. I had trouble speaking my mind. But Liza was patient and supportive throughout my whole journey. With her thoughtful suggestions and practices, I was able to cope with my anxiety and guilt with my own pace and comfort. I learned to love some of the practices so much that I have incorporated them into my daily life now. Meditation is the key.
— T. H.