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Coaching for businesses

Employee Coaching

By hiring a coach for your employees you are investing in their future in the company. Liza creates observable, result-driven development plans for each of her clients using New Ventures West methodology. These development plans create the possibility of a new way of being for your employees. This allows clients to see new possibilities in themselves and their work. 

Team Building

Are you looking to create strong, trusting, work relationships? Through years of experience facilitating team building in challenging outdoor settings, Liza has perfected the skill of  bringing participants closer as a group. Team building with Liza will change the way your team interacts forever. For an unforgettable experience with your co-workers, spend the day sailing, hiking, or kayaking. Spending time together in a fun environment outdoors, we will spend the day exploring your chosen environment, playing games, and building trust within your team. Expect to walk away from this experience knowing your team has your back.

leadership training

Challenge your executive team and create the leaders who will bring your company or organization to greatness. In a workshop environment we will dissect the anatomy of a great leader and how to create that within ourselves. Using Wendy Palmer's Leadership Embodiment techniques, Liza brings forth the body language of leadership. How we show up and present ourselves in the world today exemplifies what kind of leader we will be tomorrow.